- since1995 -

 *Wheelchair : design PAT.     

Since 1995 foundation, ARTESANO DESIGN LLC

has dealt with many product development and many package development of food etc. for makers which have product goods, 

and has helped to produce a hot-selling product. 

"Making" a product

"Showing" a product

We support our customers in these two important elements to a hit with flexible imagination, 

making full use of the latest technique on the basis

of longtime experience and a track record.





:Akiba Base

FujiSoft Akiba-Bldg. 12F 2214,

3, Neribei-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.101-0022



4-38-14, Nishinarusawa-cho, Hitachi-city, Ibaraki-pref.,

316-0032, Japan



:FAX : +81-50-3126-9440main


:WEB site




 September 1, 1995

:Incorporation of enterprise

 July 1, 2013


:Capital3,000,000 yen


:Dealing Bank

  Citibank Japan Ltd.

  The Joyo Bank, Ltd.


RepresentativeTerunaga Yoshida




 Membership of professional institutionsQualification etc.

  Japan Industrial Designers' Association

    Board member


 Japan Package Design Association

    Regular member


Intellectual Property Management

Management workCertified technician

No. IPO0920002710


Tokyo Designer Gakuin College

Part-time teacher

(Career Design, 3D-CAD, &Other)

[Main Client]




D&M Holdings Inc. (DENON)




GruppeM Inc.


Japan Sun Oil Company, Ltd. (SUNOCO)


Kishimura Industry Co., Ltd.










Ibaraki University


University of Tsukuba


Hitachi City


Hitachi chamber of commerce



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Product bodyPackage DevelopmentDesign】 


   Car supplies Product bodyPackage etc. DevelopmentDesign , There are many


   Car supplies Product bodyPackage etc. DevelopmentDesign ,  There are many


   Car supplies Product body DevelopmentDesign , There are many

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.  

   Genuine option NISMO Pedal Design

Hilton Hotel  Grand Waikikian , Kings Land 3D-CG and illustration for catalog

TAMA ELECTRIC CORPORATION General catalogue Design

   InG series Package designParticipation to the manufacturer start-up

Japan Sun Oil Company, Ltd. SUNOCO oil can Design , There are many

 (Including Bridgestone etc. OEM can)

BROADFormer nameKanto YUASA battery sale

   Fancy box for battery  Package Design , There are many

VOMY Earphone-mike×Strap for mobile phones

   Patent acquisition Product DevelopmentDesign etc.

VSNChairman Yoshiro SekiguchiDesign of the pamphlet of

   Ukyo Katayama supervision Motor sports department

Katayama PlanUkyo Katayama former F1 driverVarious pamphlet Designs

   Mark Design etc. , There are many

   (We become partnership company of Ukyo Katayamaformer F1 driver

   supervision "08 Eco-Project".

AKIRA RacingAkira Iida driverPorsche Cup vehicle coloring

RIDOXManabu Orido driver

   Steering fluid, Heat sink  Package Design

GruppeM Racing Inc. web site DesignProduct Development , There are many

Asia AZECT Wood knob Display Design

K&N japan Auto Salon exhibition booth Design

BLITZ SONIC POWER Air cleaner product bodyDesign

M's-PRO Aero partsNSXDesign

TOPLINE  Aero partsCAPA,CUBEDesign

DEVERO Visit bathing care vehicle Concept car Design

  (Exhibited in ”Home Care & Rehabilitation 2000”

Daytona Wind power emitting light for two-wheeled vehicle  Design

NANKAI BUHIN CO.,LTD. Theft prevention apparatus

   for two-wheeled      vehicles Package Design

Cores International, inc.,AUTOBACS group

   Car supplies Product bodyPackage etc. DevelopmentDesign , There are many

Project Mu Co., Ltd

   Car suppliesTheft prevention articles Product bodyPackage        

   etc. DevelopmentDesign , There are many

Split Fire / Newing

   Theft prevention articles Product bodyPackage

   etc. DevelopmentDesign , There are many

TOKAI RIKA CO., LTD.Toyota groupProduct Design

   industry-university cooperation project Exhibition direction 

   (Tokai Rika Design Department + Okayama Prefectural University

    + Kobe Design University)

STH Supplement BoxBottle label  Design

Hitachi Chemical Techno Service Co.,LTD Sakura Cafe Hitachi Logo mark/ Sign Design

Hitachi Life, Ltd.Hitachi Group) Production of cine ad for TOHO cinemasCM

The Chiba Kogyo Bank, Ltd. Company history data Still photography

Ibaraki University Innovation creation organization Catalog Production

Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., ltd. Takasaki factory Pamphlet Design

Art Science Titanium oxide photocatalyst purification type air cleaner Design

Shinshushin-machi, Nagano-pref. Image character public offering

   Judge Final Design supervision

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Smart House

   (CGPartial Design proposal) (Exhibited in 2011CEATEC,TOKYO MOTOR SHOW etc.)

   (We received the certificate of appreciation from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. In this matter.

Star Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Car supplies brand logoPackage Design

   SUZUKID Design Development of welding machine body etc. 

Snap-on Welding machine body DesignSUZUKID OEM

DENON Earphone, headphone related product Design

Minato-ku social welfare council Supplementary product and Supervision of image      

   character competition work, and Design of derivation pose

Shinshushin-machi, Nagano-pref. Judging of image character competition, and      

   Supplementary product and Supervision of it's Design

Hitachi-City Local brand mark design /web site design

Japan Industrial Designers' Association

 Design of Design Museum SelectionVol.7Vol.14Pictorial record cover

   /Selection committee,

 Writing of Pictorial record explanation sentence and Exhibition management

   of Design Museum Selection  

 Vol.3Vol.11)/10th Anniversary Memorial magazine cover and notice things

   Design of Design Museum

 No.1 hall etc.


   and many others



 Works created with motifs of Japanese patterns and myths.


"Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2015"   I took charge of 3D design of the trophy.

It was produced jointly by the three parties of “Mr. Kunio Okawara who is a mechanic designer of Gundam”, “DMM.make” and me.    

"Anime doll special award" trophy    

March 3, 2015    

 Press conference and

        Article introduction

>Media A

>Media B

[Good Design Award 2014]

Automotive pedal 


Is an automotive sport pedal series. To help make sport of traveling on a "heel and toe operation", it is possible to adjust the operating range.

(October, 2014)

Multi-copter (drone)  Photography start

Photography by a multi-copter (drone) has been started.  >>Details are here

Multi-copter    Example of photography

    by celestial sphere camera of 360 degrees panoramas.    

Post from RICOH THETA. - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA

※ It's possible to turn by drag and drop.

 October, 2014

Terunaga Yoshidarepresentative  

                                              Action in fiscal year 2015


 Part-time teacher    

  Design system PCEvery Friday

Practical skill of Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop.

Practical skill of 3D-CAD and 3D printer.

 rhinoceros   etc.

  Career DesignFirst half year,  Thursday

  Other special lecturesIrregular


I was elected to a director of the east area in director election of Japan Industrial Designers’ Association, and I work as a director from this year.

(June, 2015

The 3rd package design pavilion   in Tokyo Pack

■October 7 (Tue) - 10 (Fri), 2014

In "Tokyo Pack 2014" (Tokyo Big Sight) which is the largest international packaging exhibition in Asia, I took charge again of planning and operation of the package design pavilion as a representative of JIDA business committee.

My company exhibited a booth, too.

In addition, I gave the keynote lecture of 90 minutes.

Thank you very much, for everyone who came to exhibition.

Seminar : October 8, 2014 in the morning,

                              "Package design to survive"


May, 2014

Being published in “JAPAN DESIGNER”     

The work that I made is being published in Designer database “JAPAN DESIGNER” which Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry developed.

April, 2014

[Good Design Award 2013]〜Plasma cutting machine APC-40〜

SUZUKID SPADA APC-40 in which I took charge of the design received the "good design award."

It was appreciated to be high quality design that achieved the improvement of work environment, by the design that was rationally considered taking advantage of the quality of the material and the characteristic of a forming means.

(October, 2013)

Plasma cutting machine that I was awarded
Plasma cutting machine that I was awarded

New content up


       Graphic design binding of the cover]

About the design of the cover of DESIGN MUSEUM SELECTION published by Japan Industrial Designers' Association (Public interest incorporated association), I inserted the commentary of the design which I have taken charge of for many years. And I also uploaded this contents.

(August, 2013)

[New product design introduction]

              〜Semi-automatic welding machine〜

Semi-automatic welding machine i-MIGO into which many design innovation elements were poured was released this spring.

It was made in Star Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. SUZUKID. On the other hand, OEM same type machine was released from Snap-on company of tool maker.

(May, 2013)

The use placed perpendicularly is possible. Outer frame parts are same with left and right. The grip with the reel function(without slide of mold)、etc.

Guide of new equipment]

Plane system

New equipment introduction

We introduced the latest A1 width large-sized printer, and replaced a cutting plotter to a new style machine.

(May, 2013)

>>> October 2 (Tue) to 5 (Fri), 2012

Exhibited in "Tokyo Pack 2012".[Tokyo Pack 2012](Tokyo Big Sight)

※I was in charge of plan constitution and management of the whole pavilion as JIDA.

Three dimensional forming using 3D origami (paper folding) CAD
Three dimensional forming using 3D origami (paper folding) CAD

>>> October 2 (Tue) 15:00〜16:00 Workshop was also held.

Contents of the workshop which I took charge of「The workshop which experience the special three dimensional forming using the expanded figure made by 3D origami CAD」

Lecturer:ARTESANO Representative Terunaga Yoshida

※The use of the CAD which finished the license agreement with Tsukuba University to use 3D origami CAD in business.

>>> March 2, 2012 (Fri)

The package design development which used 3D origami CAD (Developed by Tsukuba University) was published in Ibaraki Shimbun. (newspaper)

>>> March 6, 2010〜

In collaboration with Naoto Uda who is a blacksmith craftman and trained the technique of blacksmith in Germany, I started the project to grope for making new products.


March 6, 2010

Exhibited at Japan Craft Exhibition(Marunouchi Bldg.)

February 1, 2011

Exhibited at Gift show

>>> January, 2009

I took part in Team UKYO Eco project of Ukyo Katayama(former F1 driver) who participated in Dakar rally '09, and the rally car that the mark of ARTESANO was stuck on ran intensely in the desert.

       A mark of ARTESANO is on the right side of the tail.↓

>>> November 22 (Thu)

                to December 4 (Tue), 2012

Exhibited in "Life in the future Exhibition" held in Shinjuku park tower 1F gallery 1.

Three dimensional structure using 3D origami

                                            (paper folding) CAD

Using 3D origami CAD which was developed by Associate Professor Jun Mitani of Tsukuba University, a piece of A4 sheet is constructed by only folding processing. This commercial use has been possible for our company by the license agreement.

>>> December 28, 2011

We received the certificate of appreciation from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. as a member who engaged in development of smart house NSH-2012.

March 14, 2012 The commendation ceremony in Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. head office

The published article of Nissan smart house (Reference)

<< Certificate of appreciation

Design office  ARTESANO

In the production of CEATEC 2011 "NSH-2012" (Nissan smart house), your company achieved the distinguished result in the situation of severe delivery date.

We pay our heartfelt respect and gratitude to your enthusiasm and skill.

December 28, 2011 

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Managing executive officer

 Minoru Shinohara

>>> November 1, 2011 (Tue)


In the competition “Chemical 1 Contest” to suggest new products to which we apply the new-material “FLEXTAR” developed by KURARAY, I proposed a spring which spiral shape is applied to. As the result, I got a top winning prize.


November 25, 2011 Commendation ceremony

>>> August 26, 2011〜

I participated in JDP Tohoku Ibaraki design promotion.

Visited around Asia such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, starting with the exhibition by Good Design Expo 2011. And the design of ARTESANO was shown there.

>>> June 19, 2011

In Design & Trade Earthquake disaster reconstruction aid volunteer, I took part in the life miscellaneous goods distribution for temporary housing of the stricken area.

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